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Mental Health

Building Better

Captivating | Authentic | Inspiring

Mental Health

Building Better


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As a conference designer for close to 30 years, Allan is among the most memorable because his talks have an impact. He exhibits qualities that make for a great experience: He speaks from the heart, he is a great story teller, and he has an important message that everyone should hear. In short Allan cares and it shows.

John Brewer

Executive Program Developer, The Conference Board of Canada

Allan is an energetic, captivating and dynamic speaker. He shares his stories in a way that tugs at the heart-strings while motivating you to make positive change. Every individual at the Canada’s Safest Employers gala were hanging onto his every word. He truly has a wonderful gift.

Amanda Silliker

Editor, Canadian Occupational Safety, Thomson Reuters

Allan validated the feelings I didn’t even realize I had in such a thoughtful and articulate way. Suddenly, I was looking at myself rather than focusing on the external factors. This was a powerful moment for me.

That evening the four of us who were in attendance let our walls down and connected with one another on a personal level which we had never done before. This never would have happened without Allan’s message.

Jamie Anderson

Director of Emergency Management/Safety Coordinator, County of Warner No. 5

To say Allan has faced adversity is a massive understatement. His journey to recovery is an undeniable story that puts life in perspective. Allan is on a mission to be a positive influence on society, and he will continue to impact all who hear his touching story.

Owen Paxton

Group Quartermaster Sergeant, 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group of National Defence

Our community experienced several traumatic events which created an atmosphere of uncertainty and worry. Allan provided more than just words of wisdom, but also practical advice to parents. Allan’s presentation allowed our students and parents to open the doors of communication and gain the strength to deal with the topics many of us try to avoid.

Terry Leibel

Principal, Wynyard Composite High School, Wynyard, SK

I have attended several seminars on mental health and addictions in the workplace and found Allan’s to be, by far, the most personal, insightful, educational and informative. He brought humor to an otherwise heavy topic without compromising the seriousness of the message.

Heather Ricketts

National Director of Employee and Labour Relations, Sleep Country Canada

Allan comes across to his audience with such integrity that it draws a person to be an active listener. If you are a supervisor, front line worker, parent or friend, you can take something away from Allan’s message. There are times for laughter, emotional self-reflection, and above all, hope for improvement as a team or an individual.

Sandra Cripps

Chief Executive Officer, Saskatchewan Association for Safe Workplaces in Health

Allan was an exceptional keynote speaker – he was both motivational and inspirational. He offered a balance of technical information, personal experience and interaction with the audience. I highly recommend Allan for any group wishing to explore themes of mental health and wellness.

Rick Hoffman

Executive Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer, Farm Credit Canada

Allan spoke to our team and the impact cannot be overstated. Allan’s life experience and powerful presentation gave our people new insights and understanding into what “Mental Healthiness” looks like. Allan is truly a World Class speaker, and when he speaks, people listen. There are a handful of speakers everyone should hear. Allan is one of them!

Charlie Smith

CEO, Combine World

I have heard more than 100 presentations on similar topics but Allan’s approach is refreshing because it is so holistic and positive. He has a gift in reaching far beyond the facts and statistics. He talks to MY experience and MY desire to live fuller with more freedom. Allan is the speaker that supervisors and employee groups need to hear when planning topics around Addictions, EFAP, and Wellness.

Arlene Jorgenson

Former CEO, SK WellPoint Health Ltd.
Allan’s comfortable stage presence, and his knowledge and passion surrounding his experience with addictions and mental health really confirm that this is what he is meant to be doing. He connected with each audience member on a very personal level, and directly contributed to the success of our conference.

Lori Lofthaug

Conference Coordinator, Public Education Benefits Trust

Allan presented many great tools for dealing with stress that we can work into our daily lives and see positive results. To my surprise he was able to successfully convince a very reluctant group to participate in the game ‘Pie Face’. Judging by the amount of laughter in the room they clearly had fun doing it! Allan was compassionate, informative and entertaining. We’d invite him back in a heartbeat!

Nadine Meister

Assistant to the Director and Office Manager, Prairie Spirit School Division

Allan uses his education and life experiences to engage a wide spectrum of audiences on the topics of mental health and stress management. He adds humour, facts and tools which make his sessions not only highly useful, but also highly entertaining. The audience is left reflecting on the impact of these topics in their own life and the lives of those around them.

Amy Kembel

Manager, Safety & Training, Thunder Bay Hydro
Allan has facilitated numerous presentations at our annual conferences, and has delivered two-day training events for our wellness professionals. Working with Allan is always smooth and his professionalism makes it easy to re-hire him again and again. His direct experience as an educator makes him uniquely qualified to deliver information in an efficient and relatable manner.

Amy Wall

Project Coordinator, Workforce Development Unit, National Native Alcohol Drug Abuse Program

I selected Allan to speak at the 2015 and 2017 CPHR Alberta conferences. His popular, standing-room only presentation “Goodbye Stress. Hello Life!” showcased his excellence as a speaker. Allan is knowledgeable, authentic, inspiring, and he carefully weaves humour into his presentations. Allan provides guidance to HR professionals regarding how to approach and support individuals in the workplace who are struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

Lyle Loop

V.P. Corporate & Client Services, Legal Aid Alberta

Allan brings a powerful message of hope, empathy, and inspiration for teachers faced with the challenge and uncertainty about how to approach and assist students. Allan speaks with emotion, commitment, experience, and without reservation. It is his mission and hope that teachers discover ways to use his personal experience to ensure that no student feels the need to hide in silence.

Walley Porter

Past President, North Central Teachers’ Convention Association

About Allan

Allan speaks from a place of experience. His challenges with mental illness began at 14, but he struggled to put a voice to his challenges. He spent countless years suffering in silence while leading a life of self-destruction and addiction. 

Eventually, Allan was given one month to live. He quickly learned that if you want something different, you have to do something different. Allan gave himself permission to be vulnerable, took ownership of his life, and reached out to numerous supports.

Today, Allan is one of Canada’s most sought-after speakers when it comes to the topic of mental health. He has stood on more than 500 stages and is recognized for his dynamic and captivating approach. Allan reminds us that when it comes to mental health, silence has never been the answer. The time to talk is NOW.

Allan’s Keynotes WILL:

Shatter the stigma surrounding mental illness to promote a supportive environment

Inspire individuals to create positive change from within 

Reveal how to proactively approach someone in emotional distress

Empower people to reach out for support in times of need

Books by Allan Kehler

MENtal Health: It’s Time to Talk

When it comes to mental health, too many men are suffering in silence. MENtal Health: It’s Time to Talk tells the true stories of prairie men—including Chris Beaudry, former assistant coach of the Humboldt Broncos—who have persevered through various issues of mental health.

These men understand that the conversation around men’s mental health won’t get better unless they make it better.


If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, self-harm, or suicide this book is a must read.


You will be empowered to take back control and create a life of peace and happiness.


17 real-life stories that prove you were not created to give up in the face of adversity.

Allan In The Media

Wellness Coach

Nobody needs to be fixed. Rather, Allan understands that everyone has the ability to answer their own questions if the right questions are asked.

Through a client-centred approach, Allan gently guides each individual through change. 

Coaching sessions are available online through Zoom.

Allan holds a professional membership with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

Building Better Mental Health

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