Reflecting on 2020

2020 has been one hell of a year, and I really hope that over the holidays you are able to sit and reflect on the year that was. I am curious… What words pop into your mind when you reflect on the year that was? When you think about 2020, do you focus on the challenges or the triumphs? I have heard from so many people that found 2020 to be their most challenging year to date. However, many have also shared that the year has allowed them to grow in every area of their life.

The Power of Hope

I spent years hiding behind my smile, and not a single person knew the depths of my struggles with mental illness and addiction. As a teacher, I downplayed my collapse in the hallway outside of the classroom, and after a visit with a doctor I sat alone with the cold reality that I had one month to live. At that time I understood that if I wanted something different I had to do something different.

Stories Shatter Stigma

  While we are certainly moving in the right direction with mental health, stigma remains evident in our places of work and communities. Learning about various mental health issues from a book or a workshop is a great start, but do you know what’s even better? Hearing someone’s story. The number one way to remove stigma is by sharing our stories.   Many of us are good at wearing a mask and pretending that we have it all together. I get it. It’s difficult to be vulnerable and share our inner battles with those around us. However, this is an…