Rising Above Our Challenges

Since I was a kid, I have had a fascination with eagles. While all other birds fly away from a storm, an eagle flies directly into it. They carefully position themselves to take advantage of the incoming winds that eventually lift them high above the storm. We can apply a similar idea to our personal storms. Rather than waiting for the storm to pass, face it head on. After all, the shortest way through is always the middle. 

3 Strategies to Manage Emotions

Here’s the thing… emotions are energy. Where we run into problems is when this energy remains trapped inside. In an attempt to manage my emotions, I spent many years turning towards self-harming behaviours, or substances like alcohol. That did not work. What did work is something that I refer to as the big 3. 1. Walk Sometimes we just have to leave the confines of four walls and get outside. Walking is one of the most effective ways to release intense emotions. Actually, exercise in general wakes up the system, makes you feel alive and allows your body to function…

COVID-19 and Grief

This image was taken during my last keynote before COVID-19. As time ticks on I am finding that one of the greatest emotions I am feeling is grief. After spending so many years trying to harm or kill myself this was my redemption. However, while there is loss for all of us, I have learned to embrace it, feel it, let it go and not get stuck there. Like you, I am thinking outside of the box and am finding new and creative ways to do what I love. Yes. This is a difficult time. But we were not meant…

Mental Health Strategies During COVID-19

  Unfortunately, we are going to see a significant rise in the number of people who struggle with mental health issues as a result of COVID-19. The coronavirus has required us to adapt to these unprecedented times. Initially, these changes significantly impacted my mental health. Thankfully, I have found 6 wellness strategies that have strengthened my mental wellness. What are you doing for your mental wellness?