MENtal Health: It's Time to Talk


The relationship between men and mental health has often been referred to as a silent crisis. In an effort to avoid being perceived as weak or vulnerable, many men have a tendency to bury their emotions deep within.

Based on Allan’s bestselling book MENtal Health: It’s Time to Talk, this keynote features men who have persevered through their own mental health challenges. These lived experiences will provide a better understanding of topics relating to: masculinity, mental illness, addiction, sexual abuse, suicide, and ultimately wellness.

Audience members, of all genders, will benefit from this timely message in various ways. Men will be able to relate to other men’s lived experiences, recognize that vulnerability is often met with compassion not judgement, and understand the freedom that comes from reaching out for help. Women will gain a new perspective on this issue and receive the confidence to reach out and connect with the men in their lives.

This keynote is guaranteed to break the silence surrounding men and mental health, and is a powerful reminder that the time to talk is now.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Identify barriers that prevent men from seeking help
  • Inspire men to embrace vulnerability as their superpower
  • Understand how men react differently to mental health issues than women
  • Redefine what it means to “be a man’’
  • Learn how to better support the men in our lives

Allan and I have shared stages, and I found him to be powerful and relatable. I realized each time I wasn’t actually listening to him as a fellow speaker or advocate, but as a sufferer of an illness that leaves me sometimes feeling alone and isolated. Allan made me feel less of each. I felt empowered by his words, as I now feel empowered by his book.

     – Michael Landsberg, Broadcaster, Mental Health Advocate