Removing The Mask: Creating Wellness in the Workplace


For years, Allan suffered in silence as he persevered through challenges of mental illness and addiction. In the same way, countless employees remain silent about their own personal challenges. And while many individuals have great intentions of assisting others who are displaying signs of distress, many fear saying or doing the wrong thing.

Allan’s captivating message empowers individuals to remove their masks and put a voice to their needs. He reminds his audience that nobody needs to be fixed, and shares how one man was able to change his entire life through a simple process. Through a fun and interactive quiz, Allan ensures that participants walk away with an increased understanding of issues including mental illness, addiction, suicide, and wellness.

Find out what can happen in the workplace when judgement and stigma are replaced with compassion. Reduced accidents, enhanced productivity, less turnover and heightened team morale are all possible.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Examine the impact that mental health has on the individual, the workplace, and society as a whole
  • Shatter the stigma and stereotypes associated with mental illness
  • Understand how to approach and support individuals who are experiencing distress
  • Discover the benefits of vulnerability
  • Review 6 key commitments to create wellness in the workplace

I have attended several seminars on mental health and addictions in the workplace and found Allan’s to be, by far, the most personal, insightful, educational and informative. He brought humor to an otherwise heavy topic without compromising the seriousness of the message.

Heather Ricketts

National Director of Employee and Labour Relations, Sleep Country Canada

I have heard more than 100 presentations on similar topics but Allan’s approach is refreshing because it is so holistic and positive. He has a gift in reaching far beyond the facts and statistics. He talks to MY experience and MY desire to live fuller with more freedom. Allan is the speaker that supervisors and employee groups need to hear when planning topics around Addictions, EFAP, and Wellness.

Arlene Jorgenson

Former CEO, SK WellPoint Health Ltd.

Allan Kehler is an energetic, captivating and dynamic speaker. He shares his stories in a way that tugs at the heart-strings while motivating you to make positive change. Every individual at the Canada’s Safest Employers gala were hanging on to his every word. He truly has a wonderful gift.

Amanda Silliker

Editor Canadian Occupational Safety, Thomson Reuters

Our community experienced several traumatic events which created an atmosphere of uncertainty and worry. Allan provided more than just words of wisdom, but also practical advice to parents. Allan’s presentation allowed our students and parents to open the doors of communication and gain the strength to deal with the topics many of us try to avoid.

Terry Leibel

Principal, Wynyard Composite High School, Wynyard, SK

Allan uses his education and life experiences to engage a wide spectrum of audiences on the topics of mental health and stress management. He adds humour, facts and tools which make his sessions not only highly useful, but also highly entertaining. The audience is left reflecting on the impact of these topics in their own life and the lives of those around them.

Amy Kembel

Manager, Safety & Training, Thunder Bay Hydro

Allan’s presentation at the Western Conference on Safety was not only informative but also engaging and entertaining. Allan took the subject of addiction in the workplace beyond the typical impairment recognition and humanized the issue while offering simple techniques that could be used by anyone in the workplace. Learning about this subject from Allan’s perspective was extremely valuable.

Ashley Williams

Manager of Corporate Safety, Leavitt Machinery