Born Resilient

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“Allan has captured the stories of people who have faced incredible struggles and hardships. These individuals have come through more empowered and wiser having lived their experience. This book is both inspiring and encouraging. It is comforting to know we are not alone, and that sharing our stories can provide both healing for ourselves and others. ”

– Nicole Ferguson Marshall, M.Ed., B.Ed.


One of the biggest steps towards healing is the act of telling your story…
Why is it that some individuals give up in the face of a challenge while others are able to rise above? While it is easier to give up, it is through your challenges that you are able to grow. These courageous, real-life stories are true examples of loss, pain and devastation.
You will be taken through stories of addiction, abuse, domestic violence, and grief. As you feel the pain of each struggle, you will also gain valuable insight as to how each person was able to persevere. In learning from these triumphs, it will become evident that we are not created to give up in the face of adversity … we are born resilient.

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7 reviews for Born Resilient

  1. Carly-Ann Rigby

    “I survived. It took a great deal of courage and strength to face each day, but I did it.”

    This quote could be a blanket statement for all of the seventeen heartfelt stories shared in Allan Kehler’s book, Born Resilient. Divided into sections, the collection of first-hand stories addresses the five most common themes for resilience and how each narrator applied them to their life experiences. The stories aren’t easy to read and include some of the greatest challenges in life: abuse, addiction, illness and grief to name a few, but they are inspiring in their strength. I’m a firm believer that we never know what we are capable of until we’re at or facing our worst. This book really proves that theory and then some.

    After finishing Born Resilient, I have an increased appreciation for Kehler’s desire to share not only the stories featured in the book, but his encouragement for others to share their stories as well. “One of the biggest steps towards healing is through the act of telling your story.” If you’re not sure where to start, this book might help you get there.

  2. Lissa

    Allan’s newest book brings real life heartache and pain to the forefront with stories from many courageous individuals that know through sharing your story you can help others heal while also healing yourself.

    The stories are difficult to read and heartbreaking and at times I needed to put the book down for a minute to reflect and find gratitude. Allan’s words of wisdom throughout the book are like little golden nuggets that show us all that we as well can possess unknown strength and resilience in times of heartache. This book is a true testament to the strength of the human spirit!

  3. Cnythia C.

    This beautifully written book shares heart-wrenching stories of people in crisis and what they did to survive. The resilience of the human spirit to overcome adversity never ceases to amaze you. The book is peppered with words of wisdom and inspiration to provide the reader with a set of tools to apply to one’s own life. By the end of the book, the reader is left feeling inspired and uplifted with hope. I recommend it as a wonderful little book and an easy read. Thank you to each person who had the courage to step out of the dark and use the experience to help others.

  4. Gordon Graham

    Al’s latest book is to some degree a departure in style and content from his previous works. He described it to me as quite raw, however I didn’t find it that way at all.

    The chapters are confronting in content but also carry relevant context of the individuals involved. There is good diversity in material presented, and I felt that each chapter ultimately captured the spirit of the principal, however I would have appreciated more underlying knowledge of their revelation moment.

    Having said that the chapters are hard to put down, they are inspiring on a number of fronts, and I really enjoyed the departure in style from the author, not the teacher or counselor but rather the storyteller.

    I am looking forward to the next incarnation that he described to me.

    Highly recommended reading for a variety of family members.

  5. Lorrie A

    Born Resilient had me in tears, and had me cheering for the 17 individuals who shared their stories who chose to be resilient and fight for a better tomorrow.
    Allan Kehler shows the reader with his inspiring words, exactly why and how someone may choose to take the path to fight, rather than to give up.
    I can’t say enough about the captivating words in this book! 5+ stars !

  6. James Siemens

    A powerful book filled with stories that are both intensely honest and raw as well as uplifting and inspiring. I found myself becoming more and more encouraged as I read, building up my sense of resiliency and feeling confident in facing my own challenges. Thanks for writing such a powerful and important book, Allan. And thank you to those who shared their stories.

  7. Nicole M.

    Allan’s stories are always genuine and heartfelt and here he has also captured the stories of others who have faced struggles and hardships and have come through more empowered and wiser having lived their experience. It is inspiring and encouraging to know we are not alone and that sharing our stories can provide both healing for ourselves and for others.

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