Stepping Out From The Shadows

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“This book is an easy read and hard to put down. It contains countless strategies designed to help both the person struggling with the addiction, and loved ones who are also effected in the process. He speaks to the shame, hopelessness, fear, and isolation occurring on this journey. Allan provides the reader with the conviction that there is hope and life is worthwhile. This book will help save lives!”

– Dawn Rain, MSW, RSW


Do you currently know a loved one who is struggling with addictions, self-injurious behaviours, or thoughts of suicide? Are you experiencing a loss of control around your own substance use? Do you find yourself feeling lost or helpless about the situation?
Education is the greatest tool for assisting you in your time of need. Whether you are dealing with addictions personally, or are observing a loved one struggle with them, this book will guide you. You will learn the tools that will allow you to take your power back, and regain control over your own life.
There is always hope, and a new life free from chaos and uncertainty awaits.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Canadian Centre for Addictions and Mental Health. Please give generously at

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4 reviews for Stepping Out From The Shadows

  1. Hugh C.

    If additions has entered your life, you need this book. Allan writes with a light hand on a heavy topic and digs into the what, how, and why of additions in a way anyone can understand and benefit. This is a keeper.

  2. Ralph

    I read this book after having the pleasure of meeting and listening to Allan on 2 occasions. It is very inspiring and thought provoking. He speaks from the heart and touches on some very important issues and also gives some very valuable messages to help others.

  3. James

    A great book about a very important topic that doesn’t get enough discussion time. This book provides hope and will help begin an important conversation within our families and friendships.

  4. Lorrie

    Great read in understanding addiction, as well as how addiction progresses. Very clearly wrote to help anyone understand. I thoroughly enjoyed!

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