Wellness Coach

As a wellness coach, Allan assists individuals with their personal and professional development. His knowledge and expertise in the wellness field enables him to create an understanding for individuals about their own mental health challenges, and inspires them to achieve personal success. Allan’s authenticity is always apparent when he speaks, and this effectively allows others to be vulnerable about their own personal challenges. For this reason, many employees state that they are more comfortable connecting with Allan than other formal professionals. Allan’s coaching services are available to corporations, communities and schools.


During coaching sessions, the following areas can be addressed:

  • Debrief on the keynote and explore any emotions that surfaced
  • Support the individual’s personal and professional development
  • Explore the individual’s needs and thought processes to identify solutions


If you are interested in meeting with Allan please contact him at awkehler@gmail.com for your next steps.

* Appointments are offered through Zoom.